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November 28, 2019

What is the future of food? How is the business and market objective, environment, and trend around food evolving? How can we – as consumers, investors, or entrepreneurs – better understand such a topic and strategically tap into the vast opportunities it presents?

On the evening of 28th November 2019 at HSG, we have gladly invited corporates, academics, nutritionists and start-up founders, to come together for a panel discussion and to share their experiences and insights in the field. There will be open Q&A at the end.

Robert Boer, Program Manager at UBS Global Visionaries, a division at UBS that runs social entreprises to achieve the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals;
Pascal Bieri, Co-Founder of Planted, a producer of ‘beyond meat products’ from sustainable protein sources;
Virginie Sechaud, Founder and CEO at Real Holistic Nutrition;
Dr. Lucie Rejman, Food Innovation Lecturer at ETH, Co-Founder & CEO at ZüriChips;
Bamboo Capital Partners, Venture Capital firm (via Video Conference)

Moderator: Eduard Müller, HSG Center for Entrepreneurship